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Arbolito Nordic Stevia Product Range

We can supply you with the best quality Stevia sweetener from Paraguay and China, from green leaf to refined products.

With a European storage and packing facility based in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are ready to supply fast and cost effective delivery throughout the Nordic countries and the European Union. Close to all major European cities and with first class land, sea or air transport.

Below is the most popular in-stock items sold in 20 kg packaging to pallets.

All products is EFSA/WHO/JECFA/FDA approved.

Contact us for inquiery.


  • Organic crop • Can be used in a variety of food and drinks
  • Needs no toxic spraying (bugs dont like the sweet taste) • Reduces/replaces sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial ingredients • Heat stable up til 200c
  • 0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 GIycemic Index • Stable in carbonated drinks
  • Nice sweet clean taste • No fermenting abilities
  • Not laxative • No maillard reaction
  • Tooth friendly, does not promote caries. • Mixable with other sweeteners and sugars.
  • Safe for diabetics - does not affect blood sugar • Low storage cost (concentrate)
  • Can be used to sweeten medicine. • Long storage time - up to 2 years.
    • Can help to preserve other foods.

Pure Natural Stevia Zero Calorie Sweetener Products

  Trade name Content (In Stock Europe) MOQ Sweetness
  ANS 400X Rebaudioside A (E960) ORGANIC 20 KG >400 times*
  ANS 350X Rebaudioside A (E960) ORGANIC 20 KG >350 times*
  ANS 300X Stevioside (E960) ORGANIC 20 KG >300 times*
    Following products not sold as food in the EU.
(Ask for current stock)
  ANS LEAF 20X Dried Stevia leaf / Stevia Tea Leaf. ORGANIC   >20 times*
  ANS GREEN 30X Powderized Green Leaf ORGANIC   >30 times.*

Stevioside extractgreen stevia extractdried stevia leafs

*) Sweetness is based on testing in a water solution. Taste may differ between individuals.

Other Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener Products

  Trade name Content (In Stock Europe) MOQ Sweetness
  ANS ERY 08 Pure Erythritol 100 KG >0,8 times
  ANS STEVIASUGAR Reb. A, Erythritol (Table sugar mix) (E960/E968) 100 KG >5 times
On demand we also offer other stevia in grades from 40-98% Rebaudiside and Stevioside. Contact us for quotation at, or call us at (SWEDEN) +46 (0)60129470.