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Arbolito opens new company in Paraguay

Paraguay 10-03-05
Arbolito is developing the growt and trade of the Stevia sweet leaf originating from Parauay. Arbolito Importacion y Exportacion will be the european link for plantations and official trading partner for Europe. Mr Justo Duré is President of the company.

In the process of making Stevia the number one sweetener on the market, Arbolito now starts a new local company in Paraguay that will take care of plantations, logistics and export.

Arbolito links with some of the major Stevia plantations and wants to ensure the quality and purity of the product. One focus is to develope a complete ecological production with fair trade in mind and with a local company we are able to monitor this in a much better way.

The president, Justo Duré is expressing it like this; -As I am born and grown up in Paragay I can see the importance of taking care of a people that is "screaming" for education and social development. When starting a business here we know that success will come only through the wellbeeing of our co-workers and families.

The production of Stevia have increased enormously the past years after one scientifical report after the other states what Paraguayan indians (Guaranee) already know for hundreds of years. It's the safest sweetener we know of today. The fact that Japan used Stevia since 1971, with no known reported side effects or health issuses also helps countries to legalise Stevia as the safe sweetener for the food industry.

We have a good start and expect the business to increase for the next few years. Our first market is the health food market, but our aim is mainly the industries and wholesalers to the industry.