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Organic certification gives SteviaVital new growth.
– The wait has been long but finally SteviaVitals customers and partners can confirm that the company's natural sweetener products with stevia is produced in an organic sustainable manner, says Leif Nyrén, CEO of Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia in a statement yesterday. Certifications are expensive and long processes that requires monitoring over time with careful control of the issuer, and we did not even expect this to be completed this year ourselves. Now we are happy that it is finally done, says Leif Nyren.

A magical day for a magical herb. Stevia finally approved in the European union.
In a somewhat magical date,
11-11-11 the European Union finally approved to Stevia according to a personal source in the EU-parliament. Leif Nyrén CEO of Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia says that "This is a day to remember in history. When Stevia finally passed trough the strict scrutiny of the European Union parliment. Finally we have a chance to naturally turn the world towards a healthier lifestyle, starting in the food industry."

Arbolito CEO praises Stevia aproval
The second of three instances of the European Union, the Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) meeting backed the EC (European Comission) proposal to authorise steviol.glycocides. Leif Nyrén CEO of Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia says that he praises the comissions standpoint and eagerly awaits the final European Parliament to set it's final hand on the matter.

Arbolito AB presents swedens first stevia swetened product to the Paraguayan President.
In a meeting i Brussels today, Maria Rivarola, Finacial Manager of Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia presented an historical moment for the president, "A great opportunity for cooperation" he replied and also stated that he enjoyed his former vistis to Sweden, "a lovely country".

Paraguayan ebassy welcomes stevia cooperation.
The newly formed Paraguayan embassy in Sweden welcomes Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia with open arms. Arbolito discussed the options of cooperation between Paraguay and Sweden in several planes.

Arbolito teams up with Hammargårda to produce high quality stevia nectar products.
To make people and the industry understand the greatness of the 1500 year old sweetener we have to show them how it can be used, says Pär Wallgren, Marketing Director of Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia, That's why we now team up with Hammargårda that makes excelent berry nectars. This action will be very beneficial to all parts.

SteviaVital® New brand on the european market.
Arbolito now released the SteviaVital® website. A site for a true zero calorie experience based on Stevia Rebaudiana. We are now looking for wholesalers and distributors all around Scandinavia and Europe.

Stevia Sweet Leaf
The Stevia Sweet Leaf

Paraguayans and south americans had their own way of sweetening for hundreds of years. Stevia leafs can be eaten directly or refined into liquid, powder or granulate. The magic with it is that it contains no carbohydrates, zero calories and has a lot more benefits.
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Stevia Sweet Leaf
Arbolito in Paraguay

Arbolito is developing the growt and trade of the Stevia sweet leaf originating from Paraguay. Arbolito Importacion y Exportacion will be a link between plantations and also the official trading partner for Europe.

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